Below will describe why using a travel agent is the right thing to do!​​

​​When you travel, you book through people and those people earn commissions. In the travel industry, commissions are almost always included in the price. When you book directly, you have to contact many diverse companies in order to satisfy your transportation, destination, activities, and hospitality needs. As you contact each company, the employees you speak with, including desk agents and phone operators, will typically receive the commissions generated from your bookings. These people work for the companies with which you are doing business and are paid to represent their interests, with little ability to coordinate with each other.

When you go through an independent agent, the independent agent simply earns the same commissions that the multitude of individual employees would have otherwise received. In the end, you won't pay more for booking through us, but you will benefit from a higher level of service. As an independent agent, we work for you and our loyalties lie with you. From the day we receive your first call until the day you return home, we will be working hard to ensure that every leg of your trip flow smoothly into the next. We pay attention to your goals, research your options and, once you approve, we handle your bookings. All of our work is done at no charge to you. Fostering long-term relationships with our clients is our primary goal and we will strive to exceed your expectations each and every time you allow us to serve you. Somebody is making a commission every time you travel, so wouldn't you rather book through a person who is looking out for you?
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Florida Seller of Travel Reference Number: ST37113
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I am Joyce Martin, your travel and vacation specialist and I am are excited to work with you for planning your next vacation or trip!

Located in beautiful Alaska, I work with everyone in the USA and Canada through internet and phone, as well as provide services for our Alaskan community.​​

I strive to know our suppliers and our clients (you)! I work hard with the continual training and experiences of getting to know each one so that we will be able to fit each clients needs with the right vacation desires

I specialize in: Cruising, All-inclusive land vacations, Vacation packages, groups, families, couples, special needs and corporate travel. We can book just about any type of travel! Even the Alaskan Ferry! ​​

Rest assured, we will do all the research, booking and follow up on details, to help you to have the most memorable, fun filled and relaxing vacation.

Contact me:
Joyce Martin - 907-841-7788

Graduates of:
A Cruisin' Travel Agency
All your travel needs met here.

Our newest agent of A Cruisin' Travel is Jennifer Martin! She lives and operates out of New York.

She will provide you with the same commitment of service that A Cruisin' Travel Agency has provided to all our clients!